IMPORTANT – EU Survey on Gun Ownership until 17th June 2013

The EU consults citizens, associations and organizations related to firearms

I want EVERYBODY to participate AFTER You’ve read  the facts.


  1. Because the survey’s introduction „informs“ with false facts and the questions present tripping hazards.
  2. In addition, You can take position in Your own words at the end of each questions‘ blocks. You should think about these words at least three times. And You should now the facts before you fill in the words. I am researching these facts for the last four years and present them here.
  3. All questions imply that the EU-Directorate-General for Home Affairs tries to seek support for the additional requirements of the Preparatory Committees of the UN Small Arms Conference.

It seems the survey is pointed on „heavy“ firearms (non-portable weapons), but the all the questions refer to „light“ weapons (e.g. machine guns) or small arms (including civilian arms). Criminal or terrorists in the EU do not use „heavy“ or „light“ firearms but „small arms“.

Therefore it is highly-probable, that the survey’s results are applied not only to weapons of war, but to civilian small arms. The EU Parliament, the EU Commission, as well as in the media, do not know the difference.

You may visit my automatically translated article or you read the news by All4Shooters.


5 Gedanken zu “IMPORTANT – EU Survey on Gun Ownership until 17th June 2013

  1. I asked Mrs Maelstrom and commented post on her blog, but i found that comments are moderated and not available to public and Mrs Maelstorm does not responding emails and comments.

    „Hello, Mrs Malstrom, your initiative made me to browse on some available data in regards to firearms market in EU. In memo of yours i found below statement “Most illicit trafficking originates in lawful activity, as firearms which are legally registered, held and traded get diverted into criminal markets or to unauthorised individuals.” Can you please share source data for such statement? Asking because below you are mentioning that “It is difficult to assess precisely the volume of illegal trafficking”. Having a firearm myself as lawfull abiding citizen i am really concerned about lack of any sources/articles/data in current pool. I see opinions of you or your team members but i cannot find sources. If you can share – that would be great.“


    • Thanks a lot. Here are some NEWS.

      On 20th of April we spread the survey. The numbers of participants raised from 6.000 to 16.000 until end of April.
      Mrs. Malmström wrote in her blog on 29th April.

      All4Shooters, IWÖ, Anschütz, Walther, Umarex and gun-forums shared the survey. The partizipant raised to 25.500 on 3rd of May.
      Mrs. Malmström twittert on 3rd of May.

      Today we have 29804 participants.


  2. Now its almost 60 thousands.

    Anyway not sure if you are aware: they are looking for applicants to firearms experts group
    information about experts group:

    But to be honest i already know outcome from that group
    (a) 10 law enforcement
    (b) 3 individuals in universities, research institutes and non-governmental
    (b) 2 from associations of European producers of firearms

    10 do 5 ratio guarantees „correct“ outcome from that experts group


    • You will be certainly right with the outcome.

      I’ve looked at the IPM website. We ourselves are able to make a poll 😉

      If we use the contacts in the different countries we may be able to produce this poll also in 15 languages or even 21;)


      • Katja you should apply to this expert group for sure.

        IPM pool – lets do it! i will send it everywere among polish shooters organisations. I am representing ROMB Citizen Movement for Firearms and we can easily distribute pool locally.


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